Current internships

  1. Brazil - Consulting for SME
    this company is located in Sao Paulo. The company Borries & Schneider ( ) has  branch office in Recife and works closely with WECO Consult in Hamburgo. 
    Languages: english and portuguese
    Please contact Mrs. Ilka von Borries (
  2. Argentina - Economic fundation
    This fundacion is located at the Patanonien city of Puerto Madryn.  The Fundación Empresaria de la Patagonia – FEPA ( ) – is an NGO founded by young entrepreneurs of the region. Target is to promote SME in the region and its internationalisation.
    Languages: spanish and english
    Please contact Lic. Carlos Zonza Nigro ( ) 
  3. Argentina - Primary Farmer School
    We are looking for student interested in doing a Internship in a Primary Farmer School  in Argentina.
    Good spanish is required. Yo can see the profile under the following address (information only in spanish):
    Escuelita Tucuman - Perfil del aplicante.pdf
    For more information about the school visit:
  4. Argentina - Agricultural Machines
    A argentinean enterprize (SME) is looking for a student to assist export process of farm equipment to Europe. The student must have good agriculture knowlage.
    The objetives of this internship is to get to know the technical details in Argentina and, as assistant of a consultant, look for partners in Europe and Lateinamerica.
    Flexibility and creativity are necesary.
  5. Uruguay - Forestry
    The enterprize "La largada Forestal S.A.", is dedicated to forestry. Nowadays it is building a Sawmill. For it, it is looking for students with good knowlage of forestry and wood working to join this project in its begining as assistant of the owner.
    It is important to be responsible, independent and creative. The objetive of the internship is to plan the organization of the enterprize and excecute the plan.
  6. Argentina - Development of New Exporters
    The objective is to assist, contribute and achieve that the companies in the program of Development of New Exporters start exporting activities, developing long term sustentable strategies for their products in markets abroad. The intern will work next to the tutor assigned to each company.
    Good Spanish is mandatory.
    For more information about the requirement and the internship see perfil_pasantia_programa_de_nuevos_exportadores.pdf (in Spanish).
    For more information contact in copy to

Duration of the Internship:
The internship has a minimal duration of 4 - 8 months.

Good Spanish and English is essential. Candidat must be open minded to new culture and life styles, be able to work flexibly and independently, as well as good knowlage of MS Office.
It is necesary an international medical insurance.

Candidat must send the CV with photo to or contact us by phone to (+49) 040 866 4144