WECO Consult

We connect Latin America and Europe in agroindustry, planning and execution of projects


Located in the centre of the main economic activity of the north of Europe, Weco Hamburg is
the specialized platform for implementation of the necessary measures for the
comercial interchange between Europe and Latin America.

Office in Europe for Latin American companies

Many medium and small companies in Latin America are looking for business partners for their products in Europe.

Office in Latin America for European companies

Weco Hamburg offers, through its offices in Argentina and Ecuador, an important structure and local network in order to facilitate the commercial operations of European companies in Latin America.


Frickestrasse 42
20251 Hamburg
Tel.: +49 - 40 - 866 41 44
Fax: +49 - 40 - 866 35 57
E-mail: info@wecoconsult.de